Change to the age range of Cambridgeshire's maintained nursery schools

Cambridgeshire maintained nursery schools currently provide early years education for children aged three and four under the nursery school’s Ofsted registration number. Additionally, early years education for children aged two may be provided on the school site by the governing body operating under community powers set out in S27 Education Act 2002. This has a separate Ofsted registration number.

New legislation allows the school to bring the management and operation of early years education for two year olds under the management of the school and the headteacher. However, to formally make this change it is necessary to change the age range of the school.

The governing bodies of Cambridgeshire maintained nursery schools who provide early years education for two year olds under separate registration proposed to change the age range of the school from 3 - 5 years to 2 - 5 years in accordance with current and relevant legislation.  The nursery schools who proposed this change were:

  • Colleges Nursery and Family Centre;
  • The Fields Children Centre Nursery School;
  • Histon Nursery School;
  • Homerton Nursery School; 
  • Huntingdon Nursery School;

The consultation period ran between Monday 9 May and Sunday 12 June 2016 and comments were invited during that period.

As no responses, or objections, to the proposed changes were received during the consultation period, the Local Authority, as the admission authority for these schools, has determined that the change should be approved and should take effect from 1 September 2016.

A copy of the letters published by each school and the admission policy for Cambridgeshire maintained nursery schools and classes can be viewed below.


Sam Surtees
Strategic, Policy and Early Years Operation Manager
Email: [email protected]

Colleges Nursery School letter

Size: 88.52 KB File format: pdf

Histon Nursery School letter

Size: 77.10 KB File format: pdf

Homerton Nursery School letter

Size: 87.88 KB File format: pdf

Huntingdon Nursery School letter

Size: 110.32 KB File format: pdf

The Fields letter

Size: 226.24 KB File format: pdf

Nursery admission form

Local council nursery admission form for parents / carers to complete.

Size: 164.23 KB File format: pdf

Determined nursery admissions policy

Size: 107.19 KB File format: pdf

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