Shirley Community Nursery and Primary School currently provides early years education for children aged three and four in a maintained nursery class at the school.  The school’s published age range is currently 3 to 11. 

The Governing Body of the school proposed to change the way in which they provide early years learning and childcare on the school site from September 2017, by changing the status of the provision from a maintained nursery class to a school-run pre-school under Section 27 of the Education Act 2002.

Full details about the proposal can be found in the letter from the school below.

A four week consultation period ran between Monday 24 April and Sunday 21 May 2017. During the consultation period, responses, comments or objections were invited and received.

Following this consultation process and consideration of the responses received, the local authority, as the admission authority for the school, determined to change the age range of the school from 3 to 11, to 4 to 11 with effect from September 2017. This change will not affect the number of pre-school places at the school. 

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Shirley Community Nursery and Primary School

Letter from the school

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