Local Authorities have a duty to determine school term dates for local authority maintained schools. Schools must be open to pupils for 190 days in an academic year, and 195 days for teachers.

Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided schools and Academies are responsible for setting their own holiday dates and so individual schools may choose to follow a pattern and / or specific dates that do not match those set by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Results of the consultation on the setting of term dates for the 2019/2020 academic year

Thank you to all those who responded.

During the period of consultation we received eleven responses. Eight of these responses were in favour of the proposals and three were not. Objections raised comprised:

  • The school summer holiday being too long for working parents
  • The length of the half term sessions in the autumn term to be altered, with a suggestion that a shorter second half of the term would prevent a reduction in the quality of teaching and learning prior to Christmas
  • Not having half weeks at the beginning and end of terms so that there are full teaching weeks

When setting dates for each model, we have, where possible, tried to take account of dates / patterns already set by our local authority neighbours, as well as the objections raised above.

Academies and some schools are able to set different dates.

School holiday and term dates for academic year 2019/2020

Starts Ends
Autumn term begins Wednesday 4 September 2019 Friday 18 October 2019
Autumn half term Saturday 19 October 2019 Sunday 27 October 2019
Autumn term continues Monday 28 October 2019 Wednesday 18 December 2019
Christmas holiday Thursday 19 December 2019 Sunday 5 January 2020
Spring term begins Monday 6 January 2020 Friday 14 February 2020
Spring half term Saturday 15 February 2020 Sunday 23 February 2020
Spring term continues Monday 24 February 2020 Wednesday 1 April 2020
Easter holiday Thursday 2 April 2020 Sunday 19 April 2020
Summer term begins Monday 20 April 2020 Friday 22 May 2020
Summer half term Saturday 23 May 2020 Sunday 31 May 2020
Summer term continues Monday 1 June 2020 Tuesday 21 July 2020
Summer holiday Wednesday 22 July 2020 Tuesday 1 September 2020

Bank holidays

Christmas Day - Wednesday 25 December 2019
Boxing Day - Thursday 26 December 2019
New Year's Day - Wednesday 1 January 2020
Good Friday - Friday 10 April 2020
Easter Monday - Monday 13 April 2020
Early May bank holiday - Monday 4 May 2020
Spring bank holiday - Monday 25 May 2020
Summer bank holiday - To be confirmed

Previous and future bank holiday dates can be found on GOV.UK.

Training days

Schools have five training days available to take at their discretion. Please contact your school for details.

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