Accelerated and deferred admissions

Due to the increasing pressure on Council’s services and schools resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19), there may be a delay in processing both existing and new acceleration and deferral requests.

It is Cambridgeshire County Council’s policy to admit children to the year group appropriate to their date of birth. You may seek a place outside your child's normal age group if, for example, your child is summer born, gifted and talented, or has experienced problems such as ill health. For more information on acceleration or deferrals, please contact the Admissions Team.

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AD-Deferred entry leaflet July 2019
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AD-Deferred transfer leaflet July 2019
Size: 383KBFile format: pdf
AD-Early entry leaflet July 2019
Size: 336KBFile format: pdf
AD-In-year entry leaflet July 2019
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Protocol 2017 final
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