Processing your application and offer of a place

How places are offered 

When we have received a valid application, along with the appropriate documentary evidence, we aim to process it within 20 school days*If your application is incomplete, has errors or omissions, or falls outside of the timescales, your application could be delayed, we will advise you of any issues using the email address registered in your Citizen Portal account.

"Under no circumstances should you withdraw your child from their current school before an alternative school place has been allocated." Admissions Manager

Accepting your offer for a school place

You will receive your offer by email and by letter (second class post). You can accept your offer through your Citizen Portal account that you used when you applied during round one, or contact the school.

  • You will need to accept the school place that has been offered within ten school days. If you do not want to accept the place please contact the school as soon as possible.
  • If your child’s name is on a school’s reserve list and a place becomes available, you will need to accept the place within five school days. 

Frequently asked questions:

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