The Heat Network in Swaffham Prior will supply renewable thermal energy to homes for heating and hot water.

On this page, we explain the process for you to join the Heat Network. The steps are:

  1. Check if your home is eligible
  2. Book an engineer survey
  3. Receive your offer pack from us
  4. Review and sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement
  5. Connection works
  6. Start date, billing and maintenance

Step 1 - Check if your home is eligible

For your home to be eligible to join the Heat Network:

  • You have to live in Swaffham Prior within the boundary area shown on the map below
  • You must own your home - either freehold or on a long-term lease of 25+ years
  • Your home must be classed as suitable following an engineer survey

If you don't own the property you live in or it's a commercial property, please get in touch with us using our Heat Network customer services page.

Boundary area 

Swaffham Prior boundary map - text summary provided below

The map shows the boundary line for homes that could connect to the Heat Network. The boundary stretches from Rogers Road to Vicarage Lane, along the eastern and western sides. It also includes Mill Hill, Lower End and High Street as the north and south limits.

Step 2 - Book an engineer survey

To see if your home is suitable for connection to the Heat Network, please book a free survey with our engineer. This is a two-hour comprehensive survey which:

  • Evaluates if the existing heating and electrical system in your home is suitable
  • Agrees the location of the Heat Interface Unit and pipework in your home
  • Assesses if we require any changes to your current heating system to make it compatible with the Heat Network

Booking a survey doesn’t mean you’re committing to sign up to the Heat Network.

Step 3 - We send you an offer

After the engineer survey has taken place, the engineer shares your connection design with us and we prepare a connection offer and next steps to joining the Heat Network. We will send this information to you in an offer pack.

Step 4 - Review and sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement

Every customer of the Swaffham Prior Heat Network signs a Heat Supply Agreement. This contract is specific to you and your home. It is a customer contract between you (the customer) and us as the energy supplier (Cambridgeshire County Council).

Please read the Heat Supply Agreement in full and consider very carefully before signing up. You may wish to seek independent legal advice first.

Please note that if you sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement within four weeks of receiving your copy, we don't charge a connection fee. For more information on connection costs and discounts, please visit our connection works page.

Step 5 - Connection works and costs

After you have signed up to the Heat Supply Agreement, the next step is to connect your home to the Heat Network. This involves installing a Heat Meter, a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and piping. We also remove your boil and can dispose of, along with your oil tank, if requested at the time of the works.

We will only carry out connection works to your home once we have completed the Energy Centre and pipe network. This ensures your home isn't left without heating or hot water.

We have a contractor who carries out the connection works on our behalf and we will contact you to arrange timescales.

There is a fee for connecting to the Heat Network, but depending on when you sign up to the scheme, you may be eligible for a discount.

For more information, including costs and discounts, please visit our connection works page

Step 6 - Start date, monthly billing and maintenance

After you sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement, we agree with you:

  • A timescale for connection works
  • A date for the start of the heat supply to your home

Once we start supplying your home, you pay us a monthly heat tariff.

The heat tariff is how we determine the charge for your heating and hot water. We will invoice you on a quarterly basis for these charges.

Read more information on tariffs, charges and monthly billing.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the scheme, please get in touch with us using our Heat Network customer services page.

Please note we cannot provide legal advice.