Swaffham Prior Heat Network - Heat Supply Agreement

After your engineer survey and an offer from us to connect to the Swaffham Prior Heat Network, the next step is to review and sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement.

Step 4 - Review and sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement

Every customer of the Swaffham Prior Heat Network signs a Heat Supply Agreement. This contract is specific to you and your home. It is a customer contract between you (the customer) and the energy supplier (Cambridgeshire County Council).

The contract sets out the responsibilities of the energy supplier to maintain the Heat Network and provide quality heating and hot water to your home. It also includes your responsibilities as a customer, such as payments or informing the energy supplier of any works or changes to your home.

Read a sample copy of the Heat Supply Agreement

Please read the Heat Supply Agreement in full and consider carefully before signing up. You may wish to seek independent legal advice first.

We have published a sample copy containing all the information you need to know.

You don't need to print the sample copy of the Heat Supply Agreement. After your engineer survey, we email you your own individual copy by email for review and signing, when you are ready.

Heat Supply Agreement for Freeholders - sample copy506KBpdf
Size: 506KBFile format: pdf

Below is a sample Heat Supply Agreement for tenants of housing associations.

Heat Supply Agreement for Housing Association - sample copy455KBpdf
Size: 455KBFile format: pdf

Connection fee discounts

If you sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement by the deadline we provide when we send your Heat Supply Agreement (HSA), we don't charge a fee for connecting your home to the Heat Network. Please note we provide four weeks from issue to sign up for the free connection.

If you sign up after that date, discounts are available until 31 March 2022. After that, we then charge the full connection fee of £1,000.

Please visit our connection works page for more information on connection fees and discounts.

Sign up to the Heat Supply Agreement

If you are happy to proceed with signing up to the Heat Supply Agreement, please get in touch with us using contact details on the Swaffham Prior Heat Network customer services page.

When the Heat Supply Agreement starts

Section 1 of the Heat Supply Agreement explains when your start date occurs.

We ask you to sign up in advance as the scheme depends on having as many Swaffham Prior residents as possible sign up to the Heat Network.

The Heat Supply Agreement is ongoing and has no fixed end date. Please treat it as a long-term agreement.

Leaving the Heat Network and terminating a Heat Supply Agreement

There are various scenarios that may cause termination of a Heat Supply Agreement, including:

  • Your choice
  • Death of homeowner
  • Breach of contract
  • Remote and unforeseeable events
  • If you sell your property to someone who doesn't wish to continue with connection to the Heat Network

You can find further details on contract termination, notice period and any cancellation charges that you may incur in the Heat Supply Agreement.

If you wish to leave the Heat Network, please contact us via the Swaffham Prior Heat Network customer services page.

Costs of removing the Heat Network from your home

Please note we haven't outlined removal costs in the Heat Supply Agreement because they are likely to vary over the contract duration and depend on the complexity of the disconnection works for a specific household.

We generally assume that any household disconnecting would only seek the removal of the Heat Interface Unit and capping off of any pipework. This would mean that you, or a future homeowner, can reconnect the property.

The reasonable costs would cover the charges by a plumber to disconnect the Heat Interface Unit. If a homeowner requests the removal of all pipework within their property, this would mean disconnection costs are significantly higher. We determine charges on a case-by-case basis. 

Further information on the Heat Supply Agreement

Typically, in most homes, a connection to energy supply would exist already - e.g. a developer-installed oil supply.

In this case, the Heat Network is a new build network so we have had to incorporate the construction of the connection into the contract. This is to ensure adequate protections and provisions exist to cover us building the connection at your home.

We are responsible for all of our equipment and for delivering a heat supply to your home.

The terms of the contract are based on best industry practice and compliant with consumer rights and Heat Trust standards. It is based on BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) standard templates for heat supply agreements - which you can see on the Triple Point Heat Network website.

This agreement is based on best practice for heat supply agreements and has adopted Heat Trust Standards. We have also been guided by BEIS example agreements which you can find on the Triple Point Heat Network website. A key difference is the provisions for works. Because this scheme is a retrofit scheme we actually have to build the connection to your home as well and the contract deals with this. A further difference is the Cancellation Charge should you wish to leave. Most tenants in blocks with district heating have no practical choice and have to remain with the district heating provider - effectively customers are "locked in".

This agreement is based on best practice for heat supply agreements and has adopted Heat Trust Standards. We have also been guided by BEIS example agreements which can be found on the Triple Point Heat Network website. The agreement has been reviewed by experts through the grant applications submitted to BEIS and internally at Cambridgeshire County Council.

The Heat Supply Agreement includes a privacy policy making clear we won't sell personal data to third parties.

The Heat Trust represents customers and guidance for heat supply. It is an independent not for profit organisation. 

When a heat supplier registers their heat network(s) with Heat Trust, it agrees to abide by the Scheme Rules and Byelaws.

Find out more information on the Heat Trust website.

We included this in the contract following legal advice, to ensure customers have sufficient notice if the scheme does not continue.

In the unlikely event that the Heat Network closes before the initial 40 year contract term, customers will receive a 24 month notice period. We extended this period from 12 months to 24 months after engagement with residents. 

We have also committed to assisting customers with arranging an alternative heating solution to ensure there is continued heat supplied to homes on the Heat Network. 

During the 24 month notice period, we must continue to meet the Performance Guarantees set out in the contract. 

We are committed to ensuring the scheme provides renewable heat to the village and making this innovative project a success. 

Heat Supply Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions176KBpdf
Size: 176KBFile format: pdf

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Heat Supply Agreement or if you are ready to sign up, please get in touch with us using the Heat Network customer services page.

Please note we cannot provide legal advice.