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The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership (CAPASP) is a county-wide partnership of public, private and voluntary sector organisations committed to working together to stop scams and doorstep crime across the county.

Become an Against Scams Partnership supporter

Will you take 5 simple steps to protect residents from the financial and emotional harm caused by scams?

  1. Print and display scams awareness posters on local noticeboards and in key locations such as your village or town hall, schools, churches, pubs and post office.
  2. Become a ‘Friend Against Scams’ by completing the 20 minute ‘express’ online training at www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/elearning/Cambridgeshire
  3. Promote the easy online Friends Against Scams training across your community. You could include the link on your community Facebook page, in your local newsletters and on slips of paper handed out at coffee mornings!
  4. Identify a local SCAMchampion or champions to spread the word on how to spot a scam. This could include having a display of information, running a Friends Against Scams training session, holding a drop-in advice session or anything else that you can think of.
  5. Distribute scams awareness materials to the most vulnerable members of your community and those who cannot access the internet. Perhaps your group members could hand deliver leaflets, hand out information at coffee mornings or give it to the organisers of other local community groups and local churches to share with their members.

We are delighted to offer you - and your community - the fantastic opportunity to join the growing legion of CAPASP supporters and make a real difference to your residents.

You know your community as well as anyone. You are best placed to make a positive difference to the lives of others within your community, protecting them from the financial and emotional harm of scams.

Becoming a supporter costs nothing yet brings huge rewards. Local councils, community groups, charities, businesses, schools, housing associations and other organisations or individuals can become supporters. You will receive useful information from CAPASP to share with your community. This includes information on the latest scams, or new funding opportunities, for example.

Supporters have access to resources such as posters and leaflets. These include general information on scams and details of local support.

Information about local scams and sources of support can make a real positive impact on people. And if you join us as a supporter we love to celebrate you and the great things you are doing through this website and our social and other media.

So if you are inspired to deliver '5 Simple Steps' to spot scams and stop scams within your community we'd love to welcome you today as an official supporter!



Contact Charlotte Homent ([email protected]) for more information or to become a supporter.

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