Scam prevention resources

You can help protect your local community by raising awareness of scams. This helps people to identify when they might be at risk, and empowers them to take action.

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new scams. Here is some information about scams we have been made aware of in the past.

Date of scam alert Scam name and link to more details Summary

3 November 2022

Loft installation scam Organisations impersonating local government

18 October 2022

Scam Alert from Age UK Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Scam relating to the Household Support Fund (HSF) which is in place to support older people this autumn

6 October 2022

Scam phone call - council tax arrears Phone calls where residents are accused of having council tax arrears and threatened with house arrest

20 July 2021

Rogue trader warning Doorstep callers convincing residents that their homes need repairs

13 July 2021

Undelivered parcel scams Text message or e-mail claiming to be from a parcel delivery company, asking for a fee

10 July 2021

'Matching' mobile numbers Scam calls that appear to be coming from mobile numbers similar to your own.

2 June 2021

Amazon ‘brushing’ Amazon parcels that you did not order
10 May 2021 Smishing - bogus bank Text Messages Text message saying a new payee has been added to your bank account
23 April 2021 National Insurance Phishing email Email saying your National Insurance number has been disabled
19 April 2021 Fake council home improvement texts  Text message offering home improvements and rent refund
9 April 2021 Census 2021 Scams Beware of fraudsters asking for personal details of threat of a fine
18 March 2021 Royal Mail scam text messages Messages with delivery companies asking for details and/or payment
11 March 2021 Two scams to be aware of Messages designed to steal your details or money
16 Feb 2021 Bitcoin-related investment scam Fake celebrity endorsements to lure you into an investment scam
29 Jan 2021 National Crime Agency and Parcel Force Scams  Fake calls from National Crime Agency and attempts to get payment for parcel delivery
24 Jan 2021 EE and Uber Smishing Scams Attempts to gain personal information
18 Jan 2021 Bank Phishing Text Scam  Text message saying a new payee has been added to your account

13 Jan 2021

Business Fraud: Fake Debt Recovery Scam Caller asks for business owner by name and claims they owe HMRC money

8 Jan 2021

 BT Scam Telephone Call Automated call stating that BT account will be terminated due to theft and hacking activities

4 Jan 2021

 NHS Vaccine Scam Texts Text saying you are eligible for vaccine and asking for personal details

Below are some resources which will help you to make people aware of the different types of scams.

You could:

  • print the posters and display them in community areas, churches, and schools
  • distribute materials to the most vulnerable groups in your community, and those who do not have access to the internet
  • ask local businesses which have face to face contact with the community to display posters and help spread the word, such as hairdressers and pubs


These resources are intended to be used by partners, some will be printed. We are aware that they are not all in an accessible format at the moment and we are working on this. If you would like any of the resources in an accessible format please contact us (

Coronavirus/Covid-19 scams resources

Coronavirus Social Media pack1.36MBword
Size: 1.36MBFile format: word
Coronavirus Social Media pack564KBpdf
Size: 564KBFile format: pdf

Loan sharks

General scams resources

Friends Against Scams flyer with CAPASP info on back562KBpdf
Friends Against Scams leaflet with CAPASP information on the back (PDF, 433KB)
Size: 562KBFile format: pdf
Reporting Scams Infographic313KBpdf
Size: 313KBFile format: pdf
TV licensing scams478KBpdf
Size: 478KBFile format: pdf
Romance Fraud guidance13.34MBpdf
Size: 13.34MBFile format: pdf
Text says Warning. We do not deal with uninvited traders. Please leave and do not return. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.
Rogue trading door sticker - right click to save file.

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