The common problems found with fake or counterfeit goods are:

  • clothes can come apart in the wash or the colour can run over your other clothes in the wash or even leave marks on your furniture 
  • perfumes and aftershaves can be watered down which means the smell is weak (some even contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation or even burn you) 
  • cosmetics can be mixed with cheaper products some which you would never expect to find in cosmetics (these can cause skin irritation and burns)
  • fake alcohol can be fatal. It can contain industrial alcohol used for cleaning (which is toxic for humans)

Finding genuine products

Brand-i and the Trading Standards Institute have set up an online directory of webstores that only sell genuine products, which is available on the Brand-i website.

You can also report suspicious webstores on the Brand-i website. If you would like to report someone you suspect is making or selling counterfeits (fake goods) other than via a webstore (or aren't sure if it is a webstore or not) go to report a consumer issue.

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