Stand firm. Stay home. Protect family. Protect community

#StandFirm is a new campaign reminding people they must stick to the rules in the continuing fight against COVID.

It shares true and emotive stories of people’s experience of COVID-19. No one wants to risk how awful COVID can be and so we must all remain on our guard against complacency - to protect ourselves, our families and the local community.

The majority of people are following the rules.

Our latest film features Tony.

"The fear is going to be with me for the rest of my life." Tony survived Covid-19 but the threat is still real. Play your part and #standfirm against the virus.

Watch our first film, which features Kim Wright, a social worker, who talks about her personal experience of Covid-19.

Watch our second film, which features Andy Nazer, a campaigner against loneliness, who talks about the impacts of the illness on loneliness.

Watch our third film, which features Winnie Kamau who works for the NHS in Peterborough. She reinforces the message that COVID affects everyone differently, and that people are dying.

Watch our fourth film, which features Kevin Delaney, an IT trainer with Cambridgeshire County Council. Kevin was so ill with COVID that he slept in an armchair for seven weeks because he was afraid to go to bed. He recounts how his son would come downstairs every morning to see if his father was still alive.

How to stick to the rules

We are currently in a national lockdown, this means staying home and leaving your house only for essential reasons. To stand firm against COVID read the lockdown rules.

Hands, Face and Space

Approximately 1 in 3 people who have coronavirus have no symptoms and could be spreading it without realising it.

Remember - ‘Hands. Face. Space.’

  • hands – wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds
  • face – wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet
  • space – stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings)

Remember to keep rooms - such as workplaces - well ventilated.

Get a test

Get a test if you have any of the following three symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Remember you must stay home while you await your test. Find out how to get a test.

Rapid result testing for key workers and anyone who has to leave home to go to work is also available.

Support available

There is no reason not to self-isolate. A range of support, advice and information is available. There is also a range of community support available too: