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Cambridgeshire Archive is the main repository for material found as part of archaeological fieldwork in the county.

It is best practice for any archaeological project to prepare a final archive for future researchers to consult. This applies for local amateur projects to major schemes undertaken by the largest of commercial companies.

Archaeological archives are large and bulky, requiring space to store and expertise to manage.  The council currently holds over 12,000 boxes of material from over 1000 sites.

Many of these archives are considered to be of national significance in terms of what they tell us about previous communities.

Cambridgeshire Archive can provide:

  • material to museums for temporary exhibitions, so local museums can display recently excavated archaeological material without the burden of long-term storage requirements
  • access to researchers to study sites and material
  • teaching collections to Higher Education bodies

The Historic Environment Team (HET) hosts a guided tour of the store every year and occasionally arranges tours for local groups and societies.

For more information and advice on archiving, including the availability of antiquities conservation, please contact the Historic Environment Record on [email protected] or 01223 728564/703533 .

Deposition of archaeological archives in Cambridgeshire 2017

The council accepts archives prepared to the standards within this guide.

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