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CHER is the most comprehensive source of information on archaeological sites and finds in Cambridgeshire. It forms part of a network of Historic Environment Records across the UK. The council currently has over 17,000 records held on a computerised database and mapping system, which can be searched by date, location and type of remains.

The council holds a wide range of information about the county's archaeology, including:

  • scheduled ancient monuments of national importance
  • listed buildings of special architectural or historic interest
  • the Register of Parks and Gardens
  • standing buildings, monuments and earthworks
  • chance finds (such as small scatters of pottery or finds from metal-detecting)
  • details of excavations, ranging from those of antiquarians in the 19th century to the professionals and local societies of the present day
  • information gained from field surveys (such as artefact scatters and historic landscape features)
  • cropmarks identified from aerial photographs which can indicate the presence of buried ditches or structures
  • documentary evidence (such as windmills and water pumps depicted on historic maps)

Most of the information on CHER can be found on the Heritage Gateway.

Extensive Urban Survey

The Extensive Urban Survey project is run in partnership with English Heritage. It aims to ensure that the best archaeological information is available early in the development process and that the new information generated is fed back into the archaeological record. To date the EUS project has produced detailed assessments of the archaeology and history of 29 of the county's towns. Draft copies of these reports can be consulted by arrangement with the CHER.

Making an enquiry

CHER is a public record and the council welcomes enquiries from anyone with an interest in Cambridgeshire's past. Before making an enquiry please read the following user guidance and pricing notes.

You can help your enquiry by providing the following:

  • the area you are interested in (for example parish or National Grid Reference)
  • the period you are enquiring about (for example Bronze Age or Medieval)
  • the type of site or find you are interested in (for example Roman villa or Bronze Age hoards)
  • the purpose for which you will be using the information (for example local history study, undergraduate research, desk-based assessment)

Your enquiry will be addressed within 10 working days. A priority search service is available if your request is urgent.

For enquiries or more information please email [email protected] phone 01223 728592 / 703533 or post to Historic Environment Team, SH1011, Shire Hall, Cambridge, CB3 0AP.

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