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Cambridgeshire Archives service is the first choice in Cambridgeshire for advice on how to preserve historical documents and photographs. We have over 30 years bookbinding and document repair experience.

We will consider items of any size or type for repair, including family bibles, letters, photographs, ephemera and maps. Using conservation grade materials and a careful approach, we can conserve the most fragile of items to the best possible standard.

An example of our work: rediscovering a 17th century manuscript

Image of document before repair

Before repair

This document was discovered among records deposited by a Cambridge firm of solicitors. After centuries of neglect and decay, the parchment had dried out. Unscrolling it without severe damage was almost impossible.

Thanks to the skillful work of our conservator, we identified it as a court roll of the Manor of Kings Ripton dating from the early 1600s. The text within became readable for the first time in hundreds of years and can be used for historical research.

Image of document after repair

After repair

We are also happy to advise you in caring for your own papers and photographs at home. If you would like to ask our advice on conservation options, packaging and storage, feel free to contact us below.

Repair costs

Pricing is based on the condition of the item. We will need to examine the item before we can offer a quote for the work needed and a time estimate of the probable timescale.

For more information about what's involved, see the video of our conservator explaining the work required to restore a damaged volume. Take a look at the end result of this repair.

To arrange a free examination and a quote, please contact us below.

How do we assess a conservation repair?

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