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Cambridgeshire Archives is currently closed to the public and we are not taking any new orders for digitisation and image enhancement  of records held at the archives at this time. Orders for digitisation of records held externally may be considered, depending on staff capacity available.
The digitisation service will not be available during the move itself while all the equipment is packed, transported and re-installed at the new archives centre at Ely. This is currently scheduled to open in autumn 2019.

We use state-of-the-art digital cameras and scanners combined with many years of digitisation experience to create images of the highest quality.

As well as digital stitching of large maps, plans and documents we also offer a digital image restoration service for beloved historical photos and glass plates so they are preserved at their best for future generations.

Stitching of large scale maps and documents

For those who wish to obtain a perfect copy of a large map, document or photograph, FSB can scan and deliver images of items up to 2m x 3m in size.  We do this by capturing A1 size areas with a third overlap from the original and seamlessly stitch these digital ‘tiles’ using Photoshop. This method creates images with a large file sizes which are ideal for exhibitions, interior displays and publications. Contact us for more information

A Map of the Great Level of the Fens by Jonas Moore, 1658 (145 cms x 200 cms) – whole map and detail

Image retouching

Many old photographs and negatives are damaged, faded, creased, broken, scratched, torn or covered in dust and dirt. Digitally removing these marks from a scanned image is a challenging and demanding professional task. The amount of time it takes varies tremendously, depending on the size and condition of the original. There is a charge of £40 per hour for retouching digital images.  See examples below. Contact us for more information.

Photo portrait of James Spicer and his wife which has been damaged by rips and cracks

Before image retouching

Portrait of James Spicer and his wife (image by Cambridgeshire Archives)

Portrait of James Spicer and his wife repaired using digital image retouching

After image retouching

Before image retouching

Tysoe four-generation group - Ref. WH3/1975 (image from Huntingdonshire Archives)

After image retouching

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