Customers are able to use a range of reprographic services.


All photocopying is carried out by staff. The archives can produce photocopies of their records apart from: pre-1837 parish registers; fragile records and awkward formats such as rolled maps and large volumes which could be damaged by the photocopying process.

Photocopying charges for visitors

Photocopying charges for visitorsPrice
A4 photocopy 65p
A3 photocopy 90p
Certified copy £20
IT printout 20p
A4 microform print (self service) 75p
A4 microform print (by staff) £1
A3 microform print (self service) £1.20
A3 microform print (by staff) £1.60

Photocopying charges for remote customersPrice
Photocopies or microform printouts Minimum charge if £6 (including postage) for up to 5 pages then £1 for each additional page.
Certified copy £20 (including postage)


If the size, format or condition of a document prevents photocopying, staff can supply digital photographs or you can buy a 'photo permit' to photograph a document (a photo permit only allows you to use a digital camera).

Photography will be at the discretion of staff and the convenience of other searchroom users. Flash photography and the use of tripods or monopods are not permitted. Portable scanners or equipment which directly touches a document is not permitted.

Specialist photography can be provided by our FSB Scanning Bureau service.

Digital photography prices

Photo permit for use of own camera in searchroom £10 per day
A4 digital print by staff £5.50
A3 digital print by staff £8.50
Postage: UK £3.50 or actual cost of postage if in excess of this
Postage: Europe £4.50 or actual cost of postage if in excess of this
Postage: rest of world £5.50 or actual cost of postage if in excess of this
Digital images supplied by email (jpegs) £2.50 per email (max 5 jpegs)

Reprographics order form

To place an order complete the form and return it with your payment 

Reprographics order form

Size: 98.88 KB File format: pdf

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