Accessibility Options

Concessions are available for:

Use of library computers

  • Children (up to 18) and jobseekers can use computers for free at all times.
  • Benefits claimants may also be eligible for free computer access. Please ask a member of library staff for details.
  • A number of websites remain free to access for all, such as gov.uk and NHS websites as well as Library Online resources after the initial 30 minutes and so will completing essential online forms such as universal credit or child benefit applications.


  • if you have mobility or health problems, or have caring responsibilities, you can be registered as a housebound library member
  • the concessions apply even where a friend or relative delivers your library items
  • your items will be given a three-month loan period
  • no hire or overdue charges will be made for audio-visual materials (charges will be made for loss or damage)
  • we can arrange for a volunteer from the Library at Home service to deliver and collect
  • require a letter from your doctor or social worker confirming that you cannot get to or from the library without help

Difficulty with books

  • if you are unable to use books because of visual impairment, dyslexia or some other condition you can be registered for this service
  • no hire or overdue charges for audio books, CDs or CD-ROMs (charges will be made for lost or damaged items)
  • three free pages of black and white printing per day
  • require proof such as CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment) or BD8 (Blind or Partially Sighted certificate), certificate or letter from your doctor or optician or a letter from your social worker confirming your difficulty or condition

Skills for life students

  • you can be registered for the concessions listed under Difficulty with books, above
  • this does not apply to language school students.
  • requires a letter from your tutor as proof
  • concessions will no longer apply when students have completed their course

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