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There may be delays to the completion of enquiry, copying and digitisation orders due to the high volume of requests. We thank you for your patience at this time.

Let our experts do the research for you

The Historical Research Service gives you the opportunity to employ the expertise of our staff. 

We can search original historic records and reference works at Huntingdonshire Archives to help get your search underway and can explore material which isn’t available online, saving you the time and expense of visiting.

All research will be to the highest standards and we aim to deliver it to you within 15 working days of receiving your order.

Image of our researcher transcribing book text

We can assist with

  • Family history
  • House history
  • Local history
  • Historic local vehicle registrations
  • Searches of historic electoral registers or magistrates' court registers
  • Transcribing documents that may be difficult to read

We provide you with:

Whatever your research requirements, private or commercial, we have the package to suit your needs. It cannot be guaranteed the surviving records will contain every answer. If not, you will be advised on further avenues of research as part of the service. 

Please note that our research charges cover the time spent identifying and locating potential sources and compiling your report and will still apply even if the search is unsuccessful. This includes Vehicle Registration searches.

Research costs

Time Amount
1 hour £36
2 hours £72
Specialist research for commercial or business purposes £85 per hour

Other research services

Item Fee
Vehicle registration, electoral register and magistrates' court register searches £22 including one photocopy (certified if required)
Other checks of records up to 15 minutes £16

Contacts for further information

Huntingdonshire Archives:  01480 372738

Please find below our list of independent record agents and genealogists who can also assist with research.

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