Joining the library is completely free, but did you know you can get more with our Library Extra Membership?

Library Extra Membership gives you the same borrowing rights and access to services as our free membership but with extra benefits.

Library extra logo
Library extra logo

When you sign up for a Library Extra Membership, you’re supporting your library through an annual donation. Your donation helps us to improve our service across all Cambridgeshire libraries, improving the space and facilities as well as offering more events. Your donation will also help us to develop and care for our book collections.

Library Extra Membership also offers extra benefits such as:

  • One free book reservation per month for the duration of the membership
  • An invitation to an exclusive annual event, for example preview of a British Library touring exhibition
  • Behind the scene tours of our collections
  • An exclusive visit to a partner organisation such as Cambridge University Library or The British Library
  • Many more offers that are announced as they arise.

Annual subscription costs just £40.

To find out more ask a member of library staff or contact us at

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