Libraries Week, 4 - 10 October 2021

It’s Libraries Week, 4-10 October 2021, the annual celebration of all that UK libraries have to offer. 

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Word cloud showing responses to our Libraries Week survey

Libraries Week survey

We would love you to tell us - what does your library mean to you?

What does your library mean to you? Video

We look forward to seeing you soon in the library!

We’ll also be celebrating all week on social media

What you have told us

“The library is a free, safe space with wonderful friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

“It’s an essential service. I cannot imagine my life without it. Both for the books and the social interaction.”

“A place to visit where it's welcoming and plenty of books to choose from. I would be lost without a book. Libraries are a lifeline to so many people.”

“It's helped my children to discover the joy of reading and become a regular part of our weekly routine.”

“I feel really safe at my library and I am really grateful we have them in our communities.”