Bus timetables

Bus operators across the county are working hard to ensure that the services they operate reflect the need and demand of users as more people return to work and other restrictions are lifted, whilst adhering to the latest Government regulations regarding Coronavirus. Before you travel, please check with the bus operators directly so you have the most up to date information. 

The local authority and bus companies are aware that with students returning to school and college for the autumn term in September there is the potential for local bus services to reach their currently reduced capacity of 40%. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, buses are currently operating at around 40% of normal capacity, but patronage at the moment is around 25% meaning that there are some spaces available. However, where there are known capacity issues, additional duplicate vehicles are being provided and in addition a number of buses are being deployed across the area to react to any demand which arise.


To help you plan your journey Traveline provides a complete journey planner and all bus timetables for Cambridgeshire, simply fill in where you want to go from and to and at what time and Traveline will give you the bus number you need , and what time it leaves and any changes.

If you know the service number you can enter this information and find your timetable.