If you are a developer planning to carry out construction works near the Guided Busway the 'Guidance for Developers' document below informs you of what is acceptable and not acceptable. For all works carried out on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council, compliance with the guidance document is advisory.

This guidance is also designed to protect the Guided Busway from works in the surrounding areas by implementing a safe working procedure for third party construction.

Where works are not on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council, but are taking place within or over the Busway Corridor, compliance with this document is a requirement of the council’s land rights.

The council will not give consent for a development until it is satisfied that the Guided Busway will not be detrimentally affected by the construction work, nor the passenger operations of the Guided Busway be delayed or public safety compromised.

Guidance for Developers

Guided Busway

Size: 61.17 KB File format: pdf

Busway Operations Policy

Size: 859.19 KB File format: pdf

Information on the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway Order affected locations and work extent plans can be found below.

Book of Reference

Size: 12.55 MB File format: zip

Index, Key plans and Location plan

Size: 2.37 MB File format: zip

Reference work extent plans

Size: 2.29 MB File format: zip

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