My Bus Trip app provides passengers with free direct access to real time bus information via their mobile phones and includes:

  • real time bus location - displays a map with bus stops and shows real time locations of buses
  • real time route map - displays service routes on the map
  • nearby stops and services - gives access to bus stop and service information related to a location. The location is either set automatically (detected by GPS) or specified on the map by a Drop Pin
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  • bus operator - displays the operator name, service and destination for the selected bus
  • detailed journey information - provides full information about a journey including where the service stops, the distance of stops from your current location, bus due time, predicted departure time and scheduled departure time
  • real time on the web - in addition to getting real time information on your phone you can also get it online (find out your bus time).
  • See more details about real time bus information below.

Real time bus information

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