Subsidised bus services

What are subsidised bus services?

Around 90% of public transport in Cambridgeshire is run commercially with no involvement from the Local Authority, with only 10% receiving any form of financial support (or subsidy) from the County Council. Some of the services only receive a partial subsidy, effectively operating commercially when passenger numbers are high, then operating on subsidy outside of these times.

The majority of subsidised services operate in the more rural areas of the county where passenger numbers are low or where the lengths of journey mean that operating costs are high, making the services unviable to operate commercially. On some of these services, the level of subsidy required is over £10 per person for a single trip. This does not represent good value for money, therefore the Council has to review these contracts.

The future of subsidised bus services

The Combined Authority have agreed funding towards a review of current bus service provision across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. This review will include a variety of options, with the aim of improving services in the medium and long term. The study will consider a broad range of factors, recognising that different areas of the Combined Authority may require different solutions. One option that will also be considered is franchising.

Some services have already had updates to their timetables, whilst others have been re-tendered after contracts have expired. Any updates on these new tenders, and changes to timetables will be uploaded to the website. When there is more specific information available regarding the review in general, this web page will also be updated.

January 2019:

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Board approved the development of business cases for a range of operational models for bus delivery in the region that are available to the authority under the Bus Services Act 2017.

May 2019: 

Notice of intention to consider bus franchising. The following notice is a requirement of the Bus Services Act before work on the assessment can start.

Read the full notice
Size: 43KBFile format: pdf

July 2019:

A portion of the contracted services have recently been retendered and so there will be changes to a few services. The changes can be found in a document below.

For more information on which bus services the review may include, please refer to the table under Review subsidised bus services webpage. Also, for details of costs and subsidies for each of the bus routes, please see the document below.

July 2019 Bus Service Changes
Size: 440KBFile format: pdf
Subsidised Bus Route Costs 2019-2020-V2
Information on routes, costs and revenue.
Size: 177KBFile format: pdf

Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG)

BSOG is a grant paid to operators of eligible bus services and community transport organisations to help them recover some fuel costs. The amount each bus operator receives is based on their annual fuel consumption. The document below features details on how this has been applied in Cambridgeshire.

Further information about the BSOG is available from the GOV.UK website.

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