The following provides you with help and advice to stay safe when cycling.  

Adult cycle training

An adult cycle training session will give you confidence and improve your cycle skills. You can do it by yourself or as part of a group and each session is individually tailored to your needs. Find out more on the Bikeability website.

Cycle helmets 

Cycle helmets do not prevent accidents but if an accident does happen they can reduce injury. 

Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of serious injury and could even save your life.

When choosing a helmet look for the following recognised safety standards:

  • EN1078: 1997 - European Standard for older children and adult helmets
  • EN1080: 1997 - European Standard for younger children's helmets
  • CPSC - US Regulations
  • SNELL B-95

It is just as important to ensure the helmet is fitted correctly and worn correctly. Remember a helmet is designed to absorb only one impact. If you drop your helmet from any height over a metre then you should replace it because it may no longer offer you the same protection in a collision.

Bike maintenance

The most important piece of equipment when cycling is your bike and you must ensure that it is in a safe and roadworthy condition. You should make sure that:

  • the tyres are fully inflated and have enough tread
  • both front and back brakes work properly
  • the saddle is the right height
  • the chain is in good condition
  • the gears are not damaged and change smoothly
  • the reflectors are clean and clearly visible
  • you have lights if you are riding in the dark or in poor visibility

Visibility when riding a bike

Being seen is an important aspect of cycle safety. Wear bright or fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing in the dark. Make sure you have lights on your bike if you are going to be cycling after dark.

Eastern Region Instructor Training Coordination

Cambridgeshire County Council, working alongside nine other local authorities, has formed the East Region ITO in order to further support the cyclist training within Cambridgeshire and across the East Region. The East Region ITO is recognised by the Department for Transport as having met its required standards and forms one of seventeen Instructor Training Organisations.

The East Region ITO has the mandate to train National Standards (NS) cycling instructors and to train accredited instructors (who wish to train instructors). It will provide a range of courses for the continual professional development of NS instructors and will be organising a half-day conference annually for its membership.

For more information go to the East Region ITO website.