The Greenways project is aiming to establish a high quality network of routes into Cambridge from some of the surrounding towns and villages, approximately five to ten miles away. They will primarily be commuter cycle paths, but with additional benefits for pedestrians, horse riders, leisure activities and recreation.

A ‘Greenway’ has no single definition but is generally expected to be an attractive, linear corridor segregated from traffic or on quiet roads. The aim is to increase levels of cycling and walking, in order to reduce traffic congestion as the city grows, as well as to improve the health of its population. Some of each route exists already, but parts may need significant improvement or have missing links.

In 2016, we commissioned a consultant to review the twelve Greenway routes, and the main report, together with detailed appendices, can be downloaded below. The consultant has identified a number of missing links that could be provided on private land, generally on field edges, so early consultation with landowners will be essential to discuss possible alignments or alternative options. Whilst various routes have been recommended in the report, no decisions have been made and every route will be chosen following extensive local consultation.

We are hoping to secure development funding for the project over the next few months, which will enable us to begin early consultations with parish councils, landowners, local organisations and members of the public. It is most likely the Greenways will be divided into two groups (to be decided), with consultation commencing on the first six towards the end of 2017, and the second six towards the end of 2018.

Greenways Plan

Size: 742.75 KB File format: pdf

Greenways Main Report

Size: 3.57 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 1 Standards

Size: 1.58 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 2 Waterbeach

Size: 3.36 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 3 Horningsea

Size: 1.82 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 4 Swaffhams

Size: 2.52 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 5 Bottisham

Size: 1.63 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 6 Fulbourn

Size: 2.71 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 7 Linton

Size: 2.71 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 8 Sawston

Size: 3.04 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 9 Melbourn

Size: 2.68 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 10 Haslingfield

Size: 2.42 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 11 Barton

Size: 2.99 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 12 Comberton

Size: 2.39 MB File format: pdf

Appendix 13 St Ives

Size: 3.74 MB File format: pdf

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