Accessibility Options

From 30 August 2019, the Department for Transport will be introducing new criteria for Blue Badge applications in England.

Due to the nature of non-visible (hidden) conditions, applications will be assessed by looking at an applicant's needs. Having a certain condition or disability does not automatically make an applicant eligible for a Blue Badge.

Please consider applying for a Blue Badge if the applicant has a non-visible (hidden) condition, causing them to severely struggle with journeys between a vehicle and a destination, and either:

  • is constantly a significant risk to themselves or others near vehicles, in traffic or car parks
  • severely struggles to plan or follow a journey
  • finds it difficult or impossible to control their actions and lacks awareness of the impact they could have on others
  • regularly has intense and overwhelming responses to situations causing temporary loss of behavioural control
  • frequently becomes extremely anxious or fearful of public / open spaces

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

An applicant would be automatically eligible if, in their PIP mobility assessment, they scored 10 points in 'Planning and following a journey'. Specifically, the 10 points (Descriptor E), which says:

"Cannot undertake any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant."

There is no automatic eligibility with other benefits, including Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Apply for a Blue Badge

Applications for non-visible (hidden) conditions will be accepted from 30 August 2019. Please visit this page from 30 August 2019 to apply. 

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