Blue Badge terms and conditions

  • I confirm that, as far as I know, the details I provide will be complete and accurate. I realise that you may take action against me if I provide false information in this application
  • I confirm that the photograph I submit with my application is a true likeness and has been taken within the last 12 months
  • I confirm that I do not currently hold a Blue Disabled Person's Parking Badge that has been issued by a different local authority
  • I understand that I must promptly inform my local issuing authority of any changes that may affect my entitlement to a badge
  • I understand that any medical information I supply to support this application is deemed to be "sensitive personal data" and I consent to its disclosure only to a third party who is responsible for the operation and administration of the Blue Badge scheme and other Government Departments or agencies, to validate proof of entitlement
  • I agree to the local authority contacting an accredited healthcare professional who is independent of my existing care and treatment, in order to determine my eligibility for a Blue Badge at both application and throughout the period it is valid
  • I agree that, if my application is successful, I will not allow any other person to use the badge for their benefit and I agree that I will use the badge in accordance with the rules of the scheme as set out in the 'Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities' leaflet which will be sent to me with the badge
  • I agree to the disclosure of the information included in this form to other council departments/service providers so that I can be informed about other council services that may be of benefit to me
  • I agree to allow Cambridgeshire County Council to verify my identity.  This may include checking against electronic and other databases (public or otherwise)
    • The information on this form may also be used to verify identity. That information will be held securely on our systems. It will not be passed to any other party without your express permission, unless we are required to do so by law or regulation
    • We will store the information and our verification thereof in accordance with relevant legislation after which it will be destroyed. The Act confers rights of access to certain information we hold. Details are available on request
    • In addition this information may be used for the prevention or detection of offences for fraud prevention purposes. We may share any information we collect with the Police to assist with investigations and/or enquiries as well as other public or private sector agencies or representative bodies, complying with legislation and in accordance with relevant statutory and regulatory obligations. We may also contact you in the future with further services which are offered by Cambridgeshire County Council. Any processing of your personal data will be in line with the Data Protection Act
    • Credit Reference Agencies will place a "soft footprint" search on the electronic file of the Subject.  A "soft footprint" is visible only to the individual, should they request a copy of their own credit file. ‘A “soft” search footprint is not visible to any other individual or organisation and has no effect on the individual’s credit history/rating

By proceeding with your application, you are indicating your acceptance and confirmation of the above terms and conditions

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