On / off street parking

Off-street car parks are generally managed by the relevant district or city council and you should contact them directly if you have any questions. 

On-street parking, such as pay and display bays and double yellow lines, are enforced by Cambridgeshire Police. Please call 101 to report illegal parking in the county.

In Cambridge City, civil enforcement officers can also issue penalty charge notices.  You can report anyone parking illegally in the city on 01223 727 915. 

There are sometimes parking problems that civil parking enforcement cannot enforce. These are more serious offences where penalty points can be given to drivers, such as obstruction where there are no yellow lines, parking on zig zags by schools, or in bus lanes and cycle lanes. These offences can only be enforced by the police. 

If you want to discuss the creation of a new parking restriction on the highway please email policyandregulation@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Specific information about parking restrictions in Cambridge can be found in our guides here:

Specific information about parking restrictions.
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If you are unsure of any parking regulations, please view the Highway Code on the GOV.UK website.

To find out more about parking enforcement in Cambridge, please read the annual reports below.

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Parking Account information 2015-1683KBpdf
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