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Resident Parking Scheme installations

After a Resident Parking Scheme has been through the public and statutory consultation stages, and has received final approval from the Cambridge City Joint Area Committee, we will then arrange for signs and road markings to be installed. Once this work has been completed, we will then advise residents on how and when to apply for parking permits.

Information for residents

Before the installation work is due to take place, residents in the scheme area will receive a letter from our Highway Projects team containing the schedule of works. Please note that work is weather dependent and the schedule may be subject to change.

In order to prevent delays and increased costs, we ask residents to make sure that no vehicles are parked on the road in the areas and on the dates specified.

A separate letter is also sent out to residents by our Parking Services team to explain how to apply for resident and visitor parking permits. There will be sufficient time to apply and obtain any permits that are required before the parking scheme goes live and any enforcement action is taken. Residents will not be able to apply for permits until they receive a letter from Parking Services.

Upcoming installations

Newnham Resident Parking Scheme

Installation of signs and lining in the Newnham area will take place from 19 August to 4 October 2019. We ask all residents to not park their cars on the road while the works are underway. The proposed schedule is as follows, but may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.

(Schedule correct as of 25 September 2019)


Barton Road - 2, 3 and 4 October 2019 (overnight 8pm to 5am)


Newnham GA 100 Rev O

Size: 2.02 MB File format: pdf

Newnham GA 101 Rev O

Size: 601.44 KB File format: pdf

Newnham GA 102 Rev O

Size: 742.01 KB File format: pdf

Newnham GA 103 Rev O

Size: 576.31 KB File format: pdf

Newnham GA 104 Rev O

Size: 800.39 KB File format: pdf

The Newnham scheme is now in operation and a penalty charge notice may be issued to any vehicle parked in contravention. Residents within the scheme area can now apply for parking permits

Completed installations

Details of schemes that have been installed and are now live can be found on our resident parking information webpage.

Frequently asked questions

We aim to make the scheme's drawings as accurate as possible. However, the post locations on the drawing are indicative and subject to change. This is due to location of services, tree roots and proximity to driveways / accesses. 

If you apply for your dropped kerb prior to the formal consultation, we can make an amendment to the drawings at no extra costs for you. We can accommodate a dropped kerb application prior to the installation of the scheme as well. However, if you wish to make an application once signs / posts or lining works are being carried out, you will incur an added cost to your application (around £1,500) to change the existing road markings, sign / post and legal order if required.

For any parking bay(s) marked out on the road to be enforced, a sign is required to indicate the restriction to drivers. We aim to use existing street furniture where possible, but we are restricted on locations. Legal distances are in place to make sure that the bay is lawfully enforceable. 

Double yellow lines will be installed in front of driveways in certain circumstances for safety reasons. These include when a bay is opposite the driveway and the road is too narrow for double sided parking, or when your driveway is opposite or close to a junction. There may also be double yellow lines installed to allow room for turning.

If there is rain on the day your road is due to be lined, then we will aim to stay on track with the original schedule and your road will be moved to the end of the programme for installation.

A live schedule will be made available on this page should you wish to check the most up to date programme.

For the majority of the schemes, you can park in any location where there are no road markings due to be painted. If there are parking bays to be installed, then we ask if you can park as close to the kerb as possible and away from the start and end of the bay to make sure that we can still mark the bay around your vehicle. All drawings during the installation stage will be made available online for residents to view.

A letter will be sent to all properties that are eligible for permits within the scheme. This letter will explain how and when residents can apply for permits and will also confirm the scheme 'go live' or operational date.

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