Applying for a permit for the first time or renewing your permit

First time permit applications can be made by using the online service below. Please ensure that you have a scanned image or a readable photograph of the following documents:

  1. The vehicle’s insurance certificate showing you as the main insured driver (If it is a company car with fleet insurance, then a letter from the company on headed paper stating that you are the main user of the vehicle will be acceptable)
  2. Proof that you live at the property, For this we accept your driving licence as long as it shows the address of the property you are applying for, or a tenancy agreement for the property in your name (If you have neither of these then we will accept a utility bill, bank statement, deed of conveyance as long as they are addressed to you at this address. You then have 3 months to supply us with the correct documentation and if this isn’t received then the permit will be cancelled and parking tickets issued)

Apply for a permit or renew your permit online

Apply for a visitors permit

Renewing a parking permit

  • Residents parking permits are valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • You will receive a renewal notice letter or email to advise when the current permit is due to expire and instructions on how to renew your permit.
  • On receipt of your letter, or up to 28 days before your permit expires, you can renew and pay for your permit using the online service
  • All permits are printed on secure stationary and will be posted. Please allow 5 working days from the date of application to receive your permit.

Additionally applications can be downloaded below and sent by post to the address:                                                                 Cambridge Parking Permits
Cambridgeshire County Council
PO Box 121

Resident Permit Application

Size: 845.66 KB File format: pdf

Can't find your address?

If your address isn’t currently active on our system, please download the visitors' parking permit application form and complete and return it with the correct fee and relevant documents by post to the Cambridgeshire Parking Permits address stated above.

Application for Visitors Permits

Size: 355.47 KB File format: pdf

Business permits

A business that is within a resident's parking scheme and has no off-street parking can apply for permits to allow up to three vehicles to park on street. Due to on street parking demand by residents, not all schemes are suitable for business permits. Please contact [email protected] to find out if your business is eligible; if it is we will send you the relevant application form.

Free medical visitors' parking permits

Any resident who is elderly and/or infirm and requires regular visits from relatives or services on medical grounds may apply for visitors' permits free of charge.

Medical Visitors Parking Permit application form

Size: 444.09 KB File format: pdf

Your doctor will need to assess your infirmity or lack of mobility and provide an estimate of the number and frequency of official visits required.

If you have previously received medical visitor permits, you can order more by calling 01223 727900 or emailing [email protected].

About the parking scheme

Residents parking schemes exist to alleviate parking problems by creating on-street parking that can only be used by vehicles with a valid permit at certain times.

Normally, residents within a scheme will qualify for a resident's permit (a resident is classed as a person who lives on a street covered by the parking scheme).

However, certain properties may not be eligible for residents' parking permits because they have been modified after the scheme was introduced.

A permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available and bays are not assigned to individual properties. A permit does not allow you to park in nearby pay and display bays without paying the normal charges that apply.

You will find a leaflet for each residents' parking scheme below:

Parking Guide - Benson Area

Size: 330.58 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - Brunswick Area

Size: 331.00 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - Castle Hill Area

Size: 331.88 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - De Freville Area

Size: 356.00 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Guest Area

Size: 330.36 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Kite Area

Size: 332.78 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Newtown Area

Size: 331.21 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Park Street Area

Size: 329.99 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Peterfield Area

Size: 331.69 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Riverside Area

Size: 329.87 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - The Shaftesbury Area

Size: 329.84 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - Regent Terrace

Size: 53.17 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - Tenison Road

Size: 53.48 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - Silverwood Close

Size: 143.66 KB File format: pdf

Parking Guide - West Cambridge Area

Size: 155.74 KB File format: pdf

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