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The council provides advice on measures to mitigate the impact that any proposed development will have on the road network. This includes advising planning authorities when a development will affect the highway.

If you have a concern about a planning application you should make this known directly to your planning authority. For developers seeking pre-application advice and details about charges go to Developing new communities.

Please see our frequently asked questions document detailing the process of how a private estate road can become adopted as highway maintainable at public expense.   

Estate road adoption

Frequently asked questions

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To apply for a Section 38 (new highway for adoption by the County Council) or Section 106/278 (works altering existing highway) agreement, please complete the relevant application form below, supplying all the requested documents. Works must conform to our construction specifications.

Section 278 application form

Size: 950.50 KB File format: doc

Section 278 short application form

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Section 38 application form

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All designs submitted as part of a Section 278,  38 or 106 application should be sent directly to Development Management.

All road safety audit requests should be passed through the Development Management engineer dealing with your application. See our road safety audit page for more information on this process.

Housing estate road construction specification

Highway designs should embrace the principles in the Manual for Streets. Please note that some dimensions are not suitable for adoption by the County Council. To discuss adoption requirements for a development please contact [email protected].

Section 38 application form

Size: 947.50 KB File format: doc

Section 278 short application form

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Construction intended for adoption must comply with the current housing specifications. Previous specifications and Autocad files of drawings in the current appendices are available by request, please contact [email protected]

Housing Estate Road Construction Specification

Size: 4.56 MB File format: pdf

Signal design

To discuss and receive our latest specification please email [email protected].


The assessment of structures within proposed highway will incur additional charges. To discuss your requirements please contact [email protected].

Street Lighting

Street lighting must conform to the latest specification as found in the council's Highways policies. Before designing a scheme please contact [email protected].

Street lighting Development Specification

Size: 696.42 KB File format: pdf

Please note that developers are responsible for all energy charges until adoption takes place.

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