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For many schools the school run can cause traffic congestion and parking issues as well as road safety concerns.  We have resources available to help schools reduce the problems that inconsiderate driving and parking can cause. The two schemes we offer are Take 5! that encourages families and children to walk to and from school and Smarter Parking to discourage persistent bad parking.

If you would like any further information about either scheme, please contact us at [email protected] 

Take 5! walking zones

The Kids say to Park Away!

Over 1000 Cambridgeshire school children helped create our video to promote responsible parking


Take 5! helps you set up a 5 minute walking zone around your school. The scheme aims to encourage children and families to walk for at least part of their journey to and from school. This helps to reduce traffic near school making it safer and more appealing for cyclists and pedestrians.

Setting up a 5 minute walking zone at your school

Information pack

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Book Take 5! resources from the Road Safety team

Smarter Parking

Smarter Parker is an easy and effective banner scheme to discourage persistent parking offenders. The problem of congestion outside schools at the beginning and end of the school day is one that can be tackled.

Each Smarter Parker banner carries a progressively stronger message. The campaign aims to stop drivers from parking on the school keep clear markings, commonly referred to as zigzag lines. The overall message is simple: keep school entrances clear and keep our children and young people safe.

Feedback from schools taking part has been extremely positive with all of them noting a reduction in the number of cars parked outside the school entrance. If you are interested in how the scheme can help your school, please have a read of the below information pack. Apply for the scheme by completing the below online application form.

Smarter Parker Information Pack - Information Pack

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