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A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal document. Under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, local authorities can implement TROs which allows the highways authority (Cambridgeshire County Council) to:

  • improve road safety
  • preserve or improve the character or amenity of an area
  • prevent use of a road by unsuitable vehicles
  • prevent serious damage to the highway
  • reduce and manage congestion

Permanent TROs

Implementing a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) requires a statutory procedure to be followed. This includes:


Following the completion of the design, consultation must be undertaken. This will require obtaining the views of the appropriate County Councillor and District / Parish Councils (where appropriate), the Police and the Emergency Services. Please see our Current TRO consultation section to see what consultations we are currently undertaking. The proposal may be amended following consultation.


This includes the publishing of at least one notice in the local press. The County Council will usually display notices in any roads that are affected and, if it is deemed appropriate, may deliver notices to premises likely to be affected. For at least 21 days from the start of the statutory notice period the proposal can be viewed at the appropriate District, City or County Council office during normal office hours

The notices invite the public to comment on the proposals which must be made in writing to the address specified in the notice during this period. Substantial objections and contentious issues are reported to Members.

Making the Order

Once approved the TRO can be formally sealed and an operational date published. Should substantial changes to the TRO be required following consultation, this may necessitate a new advertisement process. This procedure can take some time to complete and the advertising and legal fees may be substantial.

Once made, it remains in force until superseded or revoked.

For information on TRO application forms in relation to third party funded schemes, please go to our Privately funded highway improvement webpage.

For further enquiries please contact [email protected] or telephone 0345 045 5212.

Find out about Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders

Proposed permanent TROs currently under consultation

If you wish to object to any of the below proposed orders, please send the reason for objection by e-mail (quoting the reference number) before the closing date to [email protected].

Proposed TRO (Reference Number PR0537) – Proposed introduction of 20mph speed limit on the following roads in Cambridge; Lady Margaret Road (A1134) (From its junction with Madingley Road in a north easterly direction to its junction with Mount Pleasant), Mount Pleasant (A1134) – Entire length, Shelly Row (A1134) – Entire Length and Albion Road (A1134) – Entire Length. Closing date for comment is 3 May 2019.

PR0537 Draft Order.DOC

Size: 189.43 KB File format: pdf

PR0537 Plan

Size: 307.77 KB File format: pdf

PR0537 Propose Press Notice

Size: 17.55 KB File format: pdf

PR0537 Statement of Reasons

Size: 10.30 KB File format: pdf

Proposed TRO (Reference Number PR0538) - Proposed prohibition of waiting and raised table, Main Street and Common Road, Witchford. Closing date for comment is 15 May 2019.

PR0538 Prohibition of Waiting Order

Size: 22.26 KB File format: pdf

DYL and Raised Table TRO Design

Size: 696.88 KB File format: pdf

PR0538 Press Notice

Size: 18.57 KB File format: pdf

PR0538 Statement of Reasons

Size: 10.66 KB File format: pdf

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