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A new foot and cycle bridge will be located to the north of the Town Bridge offering a safer, traffic-free crossing of the Great Ouse. This will provide a link from Regatta Meadow to the west, and Priory Lane to the east.

From  2 July until 10 August 2018, we are holding a public consultation to decide how this bridge will look. Find out about the three proposed designs and how to comment below.

View of Great Ouse river looking North from St. Neots Bridge

Current view from St Neots Town Bridge


In 2001, residents were asked for their views on the St Neot’s Market Town Transport Strategy. Walking and cycling improvements were felt to be important for a growing town and proposals for both a southern and northern foot and cycle bridge were supported. The southern Willow Bridge was opened in 2011, providing a safe, direct and accessible link to encourage more journeys by foot and bike.

In 2017, a public consultation was held asking St Neots residents to have their say if they supported the northern foot and cycle bridge project as a whole and which bridge location they prefer. There were 1,079 respondents, with 76.7% supporting the project and 60.6% preferring the final location shown. This was approved by Cambridgeshire County Council’s Economy and Environment Committee in December 2017. 

We have now engaged with our contractor and architects to look at design options for the bridge.

This project is part of the wider Masterplan for St Neots, which is in partnership with the Combined Authority, Huntingdonshire District Council and St Neots Town Council. It brings forward £5.8 million of investment and initiatives to St. Neots to pave the way for accelerated growth. 

Location of new foot and cycle bridge as decided in 2017

What could the new bridge look like?

Option One: Arch bridge

Potential view of an Arch bridge from Town bridge

Key information

  • Shorter span bridge with pier support in the river.
    Overall height is expected to be less than 10 metres.
  • The pier support in the river will affect the width
    and flow of the river. This will make the
    construction more complex.
  • Design fits the location and its scale is appropriate
    to the setting.
  • Design uses more steel, so is less sustainable in its
    use of materials than other options. Future
    inspection and maintenance of the bridge would be
    relatively straight forward

Option Two: Cable Stayed bridge

Potential view of a Cable Stayed bridge from Town bridge

Key information

  • Bridge spans the full width of the river. Tower to
    support the bridge is expected to have a height of
    just over 30 metres.
  • Design is relatively simple with smaller foundations
    required next to the Priory Centre which minimises
    the impact on the east bank.

  • Complicated construction of the bridge would require
    specialist inspection and maintenance in the future.
  • The tower height could have an impact on the
    landscape when compared to other significant
    buildings in the town (Oast Houses, Church Towers).

Option Three: Suspension bridge

Potential view of a Suspension bridge from Town Bridge

Key information

  • Bridge that spans the full width of the river. The
    tower to support the bridge to have a height of less
    than 20 metres.
  • Design is seen to be elegant, which works well with
    the location.
  • Suspension cables will need to be anchored, which
    will increase the size of foundations at the east
  • Bridge would need specialist inspections and any
    future maintenance could require significant work.

Detailed architects report

This final report by Knight Architects includes the Site Analysis, the initial option appraisal and the final developed scheme designs for the different bridge options.

Have your say

Let us know your views on which design would be right for St. Neots town by filling out our short survey through the link below. This consultation will close Friday, 10 August 2018.


Begin St Neots bridge design survey

Want to find out more? 

You can contact us at [email protected] or call 01223 699069. We will also be holding drop-in events on the following dates if you would like to speak to us in person:

12 July 2018 5pm to 8pm Priory Centre, Moot Room, Prior Lane, St Neots PE19 2BH
19 July 2018 1pm to 4pm Priory Centre, Moot Room, Prior Lane, St Neots PE19 2BH
4 August 2018 12pm to 3pm St Neots Charity Dragon Boat Festival, Regetta Meadow

Costs and funding

Initial cost estimates for the three bridge design options are around £4 million each. The bridge is to be funded by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and Section 106 developer contributions.


After consultation, we will be seeking approval for a bridge design option from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Economy and Environment Committee in November 2018. Following committee decision the planning processes would then commence in early 2019. The current programme indicates that construction could start late 2020.

All bridge options are estimated to take around 8/10 months to build.

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