In 2012, £450,000 of local developer S106 contributions were allocated to walking and cycling improvements in the Arbury and King’s Hedges area.

Over the following two years, officers discussed with local County and City Councillors what safety issues the funding should address. Several different designs were considered.

A public consultation was then held in Autumn 2014 – proposals focused on walking and cycling improvements on Arbury Road, west of Mere Way junction, especially in the section where St Laurence’s Catholic Primary school is located.

The plan below shows in orange the areas for which improvements were considered.

The proposals included new pedestrian and cyclist crossings, wide shared-use paths outside the school, the removal of the centre line, speed cushions and islands and the replacement of mini-roundabouts with T-junctions.

88% of people who responded to the public consultation agreed that improvements were needed on Arbury Road, with between 60% and 75% supporting the changes outside St Laurence’s school and the junction redesigns.

On January 2015 the Economy and Environment Committee noted the consultation results and approved construction of the scheme. However, some local members and the Cambridge Cycling Campaign were not supportive of the shared-use paths proposed for the area in and around St Laurence’s school.

The award of Greater Cambridge City Deal monies in 2015 gave the project team the opportunity to look again at elements of the approved scheme and to propose new high quality cycleway provision on Arbury Road from St Catharine’s Road to Arbury Court Play Area.

Following the Cross City Cycling public consultation in early 2016, the City Deal Board approved construction of the Arbury Road scheme on 9 June 2016 (an experimental closure of Mansel Way will require further consultation during the closure period). Outside St Laurence’s school, wide shared-use paths will now be replaced by segregated foot and cycleway.

Construction of Phase 1 of the Arbury Road scheme, between St Catharine’s Road and St Albans Road began on 25 July 2016. This project has now moved onto phase 2a. More information can be found on the Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership website.

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