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Cherry Hinton High Street underwent major improvements in 2016.

The joint County and City Council scheme included:

  • widening cycle lanes
  • removal of cycle chicanes and the carriageway centre line,
  • decluttering the High Street and removing unnecessary signs, railings and bollards
  • transforming public areas outside Rectory Terrace, the library and the Post Office with new rain water gardens, planting and trees, new benches, high quality surfacing and cycle parking.
Image showing Cherry Hinton High Street before the scheme



Consultation results

A public consultation was undertaken by the County Council in collaboration with Cambridge City Council and ran from 27 February to 29 March, 2015.

Cherry Hinton High Street Improvements

Consultation results

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There were 431 replies to the consultation. Most respondents who replied are residents of Cherry Hinton (81%). 57% of those replying said they had found out about the consultation via the leaflet. Please note all figures are rounded.

Agreement that improvement to Cherry Hinton High Street of the sort outlined in the survey were needed:

  • yes 75%
  • no 17%
  • don't know 8%

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