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Construction of a new segregated on-carriageway cycle lane on the east side of Huntingdon Road, Cambridge has been completed. 

The final phase of the project involved resurfacing works to improve the carriageway on Huntingdon Road near Oxford Road, between Storey’s Way and Girton Road and on the west side of Huntingdon Road. The works included:

  • Outbound – Resurfacing and widening of existing cycle lane up to opposite the junction of Richmond Road. This was laid in red material, to a width of 1.8m with a mandatory cycle lane marking.
  • Upgraded approaches to the parallel crossing near Oxford Road.
  • Resurfaced carriage lanes opposite Sherlock Road.

Photos of the completed work can be seen below.

Completed cycleway on Huntingdon Road in Cambridge

Completed cycleway on Huntingdon Road in Cambridge.

Completed cycleway and bus stop on Huntingdon Road in Cambridge

Completed cycleway and bus stop on Huntingdon Road in Cambridge.

Why were the improvements necessary? 

New developments in the north and north-west of Cambridge will increase travel demand along Huntingdon Road, increasing congestion. We need good cycleways around this area, if we are to keep Cambridge moving as our population increases.

What has been built

Image of Huntingdon Road road improvement phases

Huntingdon Road improvement

Please see the construction drawings (PDF) below for more details. 

Construction plans - Part 1

Size: 673.27 KB File format: pdf

Construction plans - Part 2

Size: 690.80 KB File format: pdf

Costs and funding

The current budget available to implement these proposals is £340.000. This has been funded by the County Council’s success in securing £10.1 million from Department for Transport’s Cycle City Ambition Fund.

The aim of the Cycle City Ambition Fund is to provide separate cycle lanes on the main roads in Cambridge and to create good quality cycle links to employment areas in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. For more see our transport funding webpage.

A further £200,000 of funding has been secured through the Integrated Transport Block

Results for the consultation on Huntingdon Road cycling improvement scheme

The consultation results were be presented to the Economy & Environment Committee on 10 November, 2016 and approval was obtained to proceed with construction.

Size: 176.85 KB File format: pdf

Route User Intercept Survey Report

Sustrans - October 2016

Size: 798.48 KB File format: pdf

Floating bus stop report


Size: 1.37 MB File format: pdf

Phase One

Phase One of works to create a new cycleway on the city-bound side of the road has been completed between  Girton Corner and Richmond Road. The images below show the new cycleway.

Image of cycleway 1
Image of new zebra crossing
Image of zebra crossing

Cyclists on the city-bound side of Huntingdon Road have priority over motor vehicles and cycles at junctions with side roads.

Phase Two

Phase Two outbound from the city centre was completed in November 2017. A 1.8/2.1m cycle lane with a “Cambridge Kerb” as segregation between the cycleway and carriageway has been put in place and approaches to Histon Road junction have been improved. The central cycle lane which leads to the city centre has been widen from 0.8 to 1.7m.

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