Work started in January 2017 to improve foot and cycleways on Trumpington Road. The new facilities are on the outbound side of the road between The Fen Causeway and Brooklands Avenue. Work was completed July 2017

Image of Trumpington Road improvements

What was built?

  • A 3.5m wide shared-use foot and cycleway on top of the embankment alongside the Botanic Gardens. This path will be for two-way walking and cycling.
  • A 2m wide slightly raised cycle lane replacing the narrow on-road outbound cycle lane.
  • The Pay & Display Parking along the Botanic Gardens was removed to make space for widening the embankment.
  • The existing pedestrian crossing on Trumpington Road was moved from north of Bateman Street to south of the junction. The new crossing is for both pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The bus stop was moved to north of the Bateman Street junction.
  • The crossing near The Fen Causeway was upgraded, so that people are now able to cross the road in one stage.
  • Traffic lights for pedestrians and cyclists were installed to help crossing the Chaucer Road junction. 

Please see the construction drawings for more details.

Trumpington Road construction drawings

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Trumpington Road cycle way and marking
Trumpington road cycle way next to vehicles
Trumpington Road cycle way junction

Why were the cycling improvements necessary?

Trumpington Road is a busy route into Cambridge and heavily used by commuters and students attending nearby schools. Currently many school children cycle on the footway alongside the Botanic Gardens so they do not have to cross Trumpington Road twice to get to the Bateman Street area. The on-road cycle lane alongside the parking bays is also very narrow.

The improvements would make this stretch safer for cyclists and help encourage more people to cycle.

Costs and Funding

The improvements cost around £700,000, and were funded through the £10.1 million Cycle City Ambition Fund programme provided by the Department for Transport to further encourage more people to cycle, more safely, more often in Greater Cambridge.

The aim of the Cycle City Ambition Fund is to provide separate cycle lanes on the main roads into Cambridge and to create good quality cycle links to employment areas in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

Phase Two

A consultation to create safer and wider cycle lanes, separating cyclists and motorists along Trumpington Road took place earlier in 2016. 66.39 % of respondents support or strongly support the proposals. The consultation reports were presented to the Economy & Environment Committee on 10 November.

Consultation results - Phase 2


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The Committee approved the implementation of improvements for cyclists and pedestrians on Trumpington Road, consisting of:

  • An improved foot and cycleway on the west side;
  • A new floating bus stop on the east side subject to some further development work with the Bus Quality Partnership and disabled groups and cycling groups. This was installed during Phase 1 works completed July 2017.

This work is currently on hold. It is felt that further engagement is required before this scheme can proceed.

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