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A new foot & cycle link between Orchard Park and Histon & Impington

We are looking at ways to provide a more direct access for pedestrians and cyclists from Orchard Park to Histon and Impington. Developers in the area have contributed £350,000 towards a new path.  This would provide a link from the end of Ring Fort Road up the A14 interchange embankment to existing foot and cycleways along the B1049.

The consultation has now been closed and we are analysing all feedback.  We will publicise the results in due course.

The proposals

We have been investigating several possibilities and found two potential options, shown in the plan below.

Image showing layout of proposed Ring Fort Path cycleway

Ring Fort Path cycleway

Option 1 – A fairly straight path sloping up the embankment

  • This will provide a direct route to Ring Fort Road without having to negotiate a bend.
  • There is the risk of cyclists and others travelling at speed down the path creating potential conflict with other users.
  • A significant number of trees will need to be removed to allow access for this route.

Option 2 – A zigzag path

  • This will provide a route to Ring Fort path and be closer to the sports area, pitches and skate park.
  • Cyclists and others will need to keep speed low enough to negotiate the bend, reducing the potential for conflict.
  • Less trees will need to be removed.

Ring Fort Cyclepath Option 1

Consultation drawings

Size: 300.12 KB File format: pdf

Ring Fort Cyclepath Option 2

Consultation drawings

Size: 384.10 KB File format: pdf

Why the new path is needed

Currently, residents from Orchard Park , who walk or cycle to Histon and Impington or vice versa, have to make quite lengthy detours via the Busway or King’s Hedges Road.  Many are currently scrambling up the embankment damaging trees and risking personal injury.

A new link would make access easier, quicker and about 500 metres shorter, encouraging more people to walk or cycle.

Next stage

The preferred option from the consultation will be taken forward to undergo detailed ground investigation surveys on the embankment of the A14 interchange. 

If the embankment is stable enough to support the scheme, a full design will be developed for political approval.  If the embankment is not stable, steps with cycle ramps would be pursued.

Ring Fort path steps with cycle ramps consultation


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