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Cambridge North Station is close to the Science Park, St John's Innovation Centre and Cambridge Business Park.

Cambridge North Station was built by Network Rail, more information about the scheme is available from the Network Rail Cambridge North station webpage.

The County Council is providing the transport links to the station, including the new busway from Milton Road and pedestrian and cycle links.

Bus link to the new station

The busway route N and Citi 2 bus services provide transport links to the station.

The busway was extended to link the existing section from Milton Road to the station. This link is a bus-only road with guided sections at the entrance and exit. As with the existing busway, there is a track alongside it. which can be used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Buses  cross straight over Milton Road from the St Ives busway to the new station.


The maps below show the location of the new busway and station area.

Aerial view image of Science Park

Foot and cycleway links to the new station

We are currently developing a number of new foot and cycle paths, which would provide access to the new Cambridge North station. These are links via:

  • Moss Bank
  • Nuffield Road
  • Cowley Road: along a disused Network Rail maintenance track parallel to Cowley Road

Moss Bank Plans

Size: 126.43 KB File format: pdf

Moss Bank Compulsory Purchase Order

In order to create a  foot and cycle path from Moss Bank to the Cambridge North Station and Interchange, it was necessary to purchase a parcel of land in Moss Bank. The Compulsory Purchase Order is published below along with details for objections.

Moss Bank Compulsory Purchase Order


Size: 94.76 KB File format: pdf

Moss Bank Compulsory Purchase Order Notice


Size: 85.36 KB File format: pdf

Moss Bank Compulsory Purchase Order Plan


Size: 124.69 KB File format: pdf

Cowley Road Maintenance Track Cycleway

The path follows a disused Network Rail maintenance track which runs between the First Public Drain/Cowley Road and Cambridge Business Park. The path is fully surfaced and 5 metres in width. The length of the path is lit by street lighting. 

Plans and technical documents outlining the path are available below:

Cross Section Plan 1

Size: 388.94 KB File format: pdf

Cross Section Plan 2

Size: 398.46 KB File format: pdf

General Arrangement

Size: 723.71 KB File format: pdf

Landscaping Plan 1

Size: 668.32 KB File format: pdf

Landscaping Plan 2

Size: 649.80 KB File format: pdf

Landscaping Plan 3

Size: 611.82 KB File format: pdf

Standards Detail

Size: 972.18 KB File format: pdf

Street lighting

Size: 3.13 MB File format: pdf

Tie in Details

Size: 275.61 KB File format: pdf

Local Liaison Forum

A Local Liaison Forum was established to meet regularly during the construction of the busway.

The main purpose of the Local Liaison Forum was to facilitate communication and understanding between interested parties. It provided an informal forum for representatives of interest groups to:

  • give an update on progress,
  • discuss any matters arising, and
  • get questions answered.

Network Rail is responsible for the Local Liaison Forum.

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