Cherry Hinton Road improvements

Cherry Hinton Road


Cherry Hinton Road is a key local commuter route in Cambridge, with approximately 2,000 cyclists and 1,500 pedestrians travelling along the road every day. The area hosts a vibrant mix of shops, services, places to eat and residential properties. The road is used by people as a route to the train station, city centre, and locations along Hills Road.

We asked local people for their views about the area, which will feed into our plans to make safety improvements to the cycle routes, pavements, parking options and bus stops for those travelling along Cherry Hinton Road.

Currently there is a shared use foot and cycleway on the north side between Derby Road and Perne Road but cyclists must give way at side roads, and there is no cycling provision on the south side of the road.

In June 2015, we carried out a public consultation on Cherry Hinton Road and Queen Edith’s Way. The survey highlighted the multi-functional use of Cherry Hinton Road, with 78% of respondents using it as a route to work, school or the city centre, with nearly half either stopping or making the road their destination to visit the local shops and amenities. We also talked to businesses between Hills Road and Coleridge Road in March 2018 to understand their specific needs.

Of the 1,100 respondents to the survey, over three quarters said they were in favour of improvements to cycling and walking facilities on Cherry Hinton Road.

Only one in six people said they currently felt safe cycling down Cherry Hinton Road. The main reasons given for feeling unsafe were crossing the roundabout, crossing the junctions, including crossing side roads, and too much traffic.

Based on all of this feedback, we produced some options for possible cycling and walking improvements.

73% of respondents were in favour of new segregated cycle lanes, even if the on-road parking bays have to be removed.

69% said the current shared-use pavement should be replaced by segregated cycle lanes using a raised kerb

55% were in favour of new bus-stops with the cycle lane continuing behind the bus stop.

Proposed design for Cherry Hinton Road

Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge
Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge
Drawings of proposed changes
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Proposed changes

Bus stop options

This new style of bus stop, which separates cyclists from motorists, has already been introduced in other parts of Cambridge, including Hills Road and Huntingdon Road. The cycle lane continues behind the bus stop, which allows cyclists to continue travelling without having to mix with buses and cars. Pedestrians then cross the cycle lane to reach the bus stop.

Visual of the new bus stop

There are four locations where this type of bus stop is an option: on both sides of the road between Hills Road and Clifton Road and between Perne Road and Wulfstan Way (locations A, B, C and D on the above plan).

All the other existing bus stops along Cherry Hinton Road will remain in place as they are now.

At location A, there is currently a small traffic island in the road providing an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing. If the new style of bus stop is installed then this island would have to be removed, but it would be replaced with a signalised pedestrian crossing.

Parking options

Cherry Hinton Road has the following parking restrictions in place at locations E, F and G on the above plan.

  • No parking Mondays to Saturdays, 8.15am to 9.15am, and 5.00pm to 6.00pm.
  • Parking is limited to 30 minutes, no return within 30 minutes.

There are seven on-road parking bays on the south side of Cherry Hinton and one layby outside Barclays on the north side (marked as H on the above plan).

  • Option 1: Retain the on-road parking and enforce the peak-time restrictions.
  • Option 2: Remove the on-road parking to allow space for continuous cycle lanes.

Cycle and pedestrian options

The proposal is to include 1.5m advisory lanes next to the existing footway, between Hills Road and Coleridge Road, and between Perne Road and Wulfstan Way. This would include removing the centre white carriageway line.

Between Coleridge Road and Perne Road, there is enough space to accommodate 2m wide continuous segregated cycle lanes and separate footways. These could potentially give both cyclists and pedestrians priority over side roads at junctions. There is also space to include new trees or other forms of planting on the northern side of the road, as indicated on the above plan. 

Diagram showing the 1.5m cycleway.
Between Hills Road and Coleridge Road, there is space to include 1.5m advisory cycle lanes next to the existing footway. This would include removing the centre white carriageway line.
Diagram showing the 2m cycleway.
Between Coleridge Road and Perne Road, there is enough space to accommodate 2m wide continuous segregated cycle lanes and separate footways.

Coleridge Road junction approach options

There are two options for the west-bound approach to the Coleridge Road / Hartington Grove junction.

Diagram showing option one of Coleridge Road junction.
Option 1 Continue the cycle lane all the way up to the junction and maintain a single traffic lane
Diagram showing option two for Coleridge Road junction.
Option 2 Stop the cycle lane early to accommodate two traffic lanes

Results of the 2019 consultation

Between 7 May and 18 June 2019, we held a consultation on the options for possible cycling and walking improvements. A report containing the results and key findings is available to view below.

CHR WCI consultation report v11.69MBpdf
Size: 1.69MBFile format: pdf
CHR WCI appendices1.6MBpdf
Size: 1.6MBFile format: pdf

Funding and timescales

Funding for this project has come from S106 developer contributions. The funding is for cycling and walking improvements, but could also include some landscaping, such as planting, benches or cycle parking.

The scheme is currently progressing through the detailed design phase, which is programmed to be completed in Autumn 2023. A preliminary cost estimate based on the current design indicates the construction cost will exceed the available S106 developer funding. As a result, following completion of the detailed design, the scheme will be put on hold until other funding streams can be sought.


If you have any questions about the proposals, please get in touch.

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Phone: 01223 699 069

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