Oxford Road and Windsor Road improvements

Oxford Road and Windsor Road (Cambridge) improvements

We would like to hear your views on enhanced traffic calming measures that are to be introduced on Oxford Road and Windsor Road in Cambridge.

Background information

This aim of this scheme is to mitigate the potential impact of the extra traffic generated by the North West Cambridge development.

A project steering group consisting of members of the highways design team, the residents associations, the county councillor and city ward councillors was formed to develop a scheme that meets the project objective of enhancing the traffic calming with the aim of reducing "rat-running."

Early on in this process, it was agreed that the existing width restriction on Windsor Road and the road humps should remain as part of any improvement. This has concentrated the design on soft traffic calming features to visually break up the linear street layout and improving the quality of the streetscape with tree pits and high quality surfacing.

The main conflict areas were identified as the junction to Huntingdon Road, the junction of Richmond Road and the Oxford Road / Windsor Road junction. Several options were presented to the steering group with the below plans detailing the preferred choices. As designed, this scheme should:

  • reduce traffic speeds
  • improve pedestrian crossing facilities
  • increase cyclist accessibility
  • improve the environment


These designs have been worked up in close liaison with representatives of the residents parking scheme to ensure that parking levels are kept at a maximum with an estimated 12 spaces being lost from the parking scheme. Two of these spaces are on Richmond Road and the rest are on Oxford Road.

Design Options - 16128 GA
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Overview of the three sections 16128_GA
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How is the scheme funded?

This scheme will be funded from £150k Section 106 contribution from the North West Cambridge development. Additional funding of £150k has been allocated from the Integrated Transport Block (ITB) that delivers transport strategy related schemes throughout Cambridgeshire.


Construction is planned to start later in the financial year of 2019/20 prior to the implementation of the residents parking scheme. 

How to comment

We would like to hear your views on the surface materials shown in plan 16128_GA_DESIGN. If you would like to make a comment, please email local.projects@cambridgeshire.gov.uk with the reference "01662 Oxford /Windsor Rd" by 5 July 2019 at noon.