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Starting December 2017, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council will carry out repairs to 21 sections of road that have been damaged by drought. The work is expected to last until January 2019. 

To allow for major road reconstruction, roads under this scheme will need to be closed 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. Further information for residents impacted by these works can be found here.

Further details on dates for these works and locations are listed in the timetable below. The dates listed are estimates only. This timetable will be updated closer to the work start dates.


RoadWork due to startWork durationStatusDiversion
A1101 Mildenhall Rd, Littleport  19 February 9 weeks Work complete Diversion routes
B1095 Milk and Water Drove, Farcet  11 June 2018 1 week Work complete Diversion routes
B1040 Herne Road, Ramsey  16 July 2018 6 weeks in total.
Phase One is four weeks.  Phase Two (Holme Road junction) is two weeks.

Work complete

Phase plans

Diversion route for Phase One

Diversion route for Phase Two

B1040 Ramsey Road, Whittlesey 28 August 2018 3 weeks

Work complete

Diversion routes

Work plans

B1104 Prickwillow Road, Isleham 11 September 2018 4 weeks Ongoing

Diversion routes

Work plans

A1123 Hill Row Causeway, Haddenham 17 September 2018 5 weeks Ongoing

Diversion route

Work plans

B1040 St Marys Road, Ramsey 18 September 2018 4 weeks Ongoing

Diversion route

Work plans

A1123 Newmarket & Dimmock’s Cote Road 11 October 2018 5 weeks

Diversion route

Phasing plans

B1096 Benwick Road, Ramsey 16 October 2018 6 weeks

Diversion route

Phasing plans

B1382 Mile End Road, Prickwillow 14 November 2018 3 weeks
A142 Stuntney Road, Ely January 2019 5 weeks


The works in Peterborough started 4 December 2017 and continued until February 2018. For more information on roads affected in Peterborough and duration of their works, see Peterborough City Council's Drought roads project webpage.

Why is this work being carried out?

The roads chosen for this scheme are fen roads which were built on peaty soil, poor at bearing heavy loads. The foundations of these roads have now deteriorated to the point that speed restrictions, road diversions and closures are becoming necessary. This is leading to growing disruption for local residents and increasingly frequent road repairs.

In 2017, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council jointly submitted a bid to the Department of Transport to fund a long term solution and reconstruct these roads.

To see the documents submitted in support of this application, please see our Transport funding bid webpage

Map of roads affected by the scheme

Sections of roads highlighted red are part of this scheme. Click the image to see a large version

In Cambridgeshire, these roads are Mildenhall Road, Hill Row Causeway, St. Marys Road, Heme Road, Milk and Water Drove, Prickwillow Road, Streatham Road, Stuntney Road, Ramsey Road, Mile End Road and Benwick Road

This bid was successful and £3.5 million of Department of Transport funding was secured. In addition, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council topped up this fund to bring total investment in this project to £6.25 million.

What will the work involve?

The work will involve extensive road reconstruction. In many cases, we will need to dig deep to replace the foundations of the road so a solid sub-base can be put in place before we start rebuilding. We will reduce the weight of the road so the peaty fen soil can support it better and treat the road surface so it is less permeable during bad weather. General maintenance of vegetation, drainage, signage and road markings will be carried out alongside this construction. 

Once this work is completed, the road will be more resilient against weather extremes. As a result, the need for reactive road maintenance will be reduced.

How will local residents be affected? 

Residents and businesses in the area affected will receive a letter before the work is due to start detailing where the closure is, when the closure will happen and the duration of the works. Working hours for all the works will be Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 5:30pm, however a full 24 hour road closure will be in place. Diversions will be signposted locally during the works and access to premises and farms within the closure will be maintained throughout whenever possible to minimise disruption.  

If you have any queries or concerns about these works, please contact [email protected] or call 0345 045 5212

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