Network Rail (NWR), the council, road users and local communities have been concerned about congestion and safety where the A10 crosses the mainline railway at Foxton for years.

When possible, NWR aims to close level crossings, often by constructing suitable alternative routes. Working together with the council it has been investigating ways to replace the level crossing in Foxton and create an alternative route for the A10, and safe access for all the crossings’ users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

NWR has a standard procedure for this type of study known as Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) process. It has now completed the first two GRIP stages.

This indicates that a scheme such as a bridge or underpass to carry the A10 appears to be viable, and will deliver tangible benefits to all the crossings users. Now NWR is moving on to the third stage, which will look in more detail at the options, how they can be delivered, and their costs and impacts. The conclusion of this stage will lead to the selection of a preferred scheme.

This work is likely to take a year or so to complete. At first it will be technical in nature to establish what options are possible. Later in the process, probably around late summer 2014, there will be opportunities for local communities and other users to have their say and shape NWR’s plans.

The council will continue to engage with Network Rail during the process to ensure that the scheme takes into account the needs of all local people. It should be noted that the continuing development of the scheme does depend on a positive outcome and business case at each of the GRIP stages. View details about each of the eight stages of the GRIP process.

Please see Foxton Parish Council's webpage for the GRIP report from Network Rail.

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