Cambridgeshire County Council is working with East Cambridgeshire District Council to assess the feasibility of a new passenger train station in the town of Soham.

A station at Soham would help to reconnect the town with the rail network, as well as helping to improve growth, jobs and investment into the town.

What’s happening?

Cambridgeshire County Council, with East Cambridgeshire District Council has formally commissioned Network Rail to undertake the GRIP (Governance for Rail Infrastructure Projects) 3 Options and Feasibility Study. This work will assess what is required to deliver the railway station and what is needed to make sure the station is economically viable.

We are now in Stage 3, and there are a number of options available for Soham Station.

The Options

Three options have been put forward for the station. Details of these three options can be seen below. Alternatively, you can find out more about these options by reading the Soham Station Feasibility GRIP 2 Report. All of the options would provide up to 18 cycle parking spaces, as well as car and motorcycle parking, bus stops and turning areas and areas for planting and landscaping

Soham Station Grip 2 Report

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Option One

  • One platform on the existing track
  • Ely side of the original station
  • Maximum area for car parking available
  • Does not affect signals or associated equipment
  • Would require earthworks
  • Estimated cost is £2.5m (staffed station) or £2.3m (un-staffed station).

 Option Two

  • One platform
  • Avoids earthworks
  • Re-align the single line to its original alignment
  • Platform would be located at the original station location
  • 10 fewer car-parking spaces than option 1.
  • No signal positions would be affected
  • Modifications required to signal control infrastructure
  • Estimated cost is £3.6m (staffed station) or £3.4m (un-staffed station)

Option Three 

  • Two platforms and a footbridge
  • Avoids earthworks
  • 10 fewer car-parking spaces than option 1
  • Modifications required for signal controls
  • No signal positions would be affected
  • Estimated cost is £5.0m (staffed station) or £4.8m (un-staffed station)


The GRIP3 Options and Feasibility Study is due to be completed by early 2017.

Costs & Funding

The potential costs of re-opening the station are also part of the option selection and outline business case which will support bids for funding the station.

Timetable Capacity report

Network Rail has assessed the impact of trains stopping at Soham would have on the rail network.

The key findings from the assessment are, building a new station at Soham on the existing single-track infrastructure, with today’s two-hourly train service is possible and has a very minimal impact on the existing passenger and freight train timetables.


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