Booking system for Household Recycling Centres

A booking system has been introduced for Household Recycling Centres to help reduce traffic queues and waiting times to enter sites.

Who needs to book a time slot

You will need to book a time slot if:

  • You are visiting either Alconbury, Bluntisham or Thriplow sites in any type of permitted vehicle (from 22 June 2020 onwards)
  • You are visiting either St Neots or Milton sites in any type of permitted vehicle (from 29 June 2020 onwards)
  • You are visiting any of our nine sites in a vehicle that requires an e-permit

Important information

Please read the following information before booking to visit a site.

All vehicles

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the slot that you book
  • On arrival, join the end of the queue. Your booking time is not guaranteed, but as long as you enter the site before it closes you will be allowed to unload
  • Please do not arrive without a booking. Vehicle registration numbers will be checked and those without bookings will be turned away
  • Bookings are limited to one per vehicle each week to allow fair access to all. Additional bookings will be cancelled without warning and vehicles will be turned away
  • All conditions relating to site rules continue to apply
  • Booking slots will be released 14 days in advance
  • Bookings cannot be made less than a full day in advance, two days for Sunday and three days for Monday to allow lists to be provided for site staff
  • Bookings should be completed online wherever possible, but if you do not have computer access, telephone 0345 045 5207
  • Only book a visit if disposal of your waste is essential, if possible please wait until the initial high demand reduces
  • Cambridgeshire Household Recycling Centres are provided for Cambridgeshire residents only. Please bring proof of address with you
  • A maximum of two adults will be allowed out of a vehicle, children must remain in the vehicle
  • Site staff are unable to help unload vehicles, so if you need assistance please bring another adult from the same household with you
  • Do not attend site if you should be self-isolating as a result of Covid-19 or suspect you may have it
  • Do not bring any waste that you suspect might be infected with Covid-19. Follow disposal advice and dispose through household refuse collections
  • Sites are currently unable to accept textiles, shoes or paint

Vehicles requiring e-permits only

  • Some types of vehicle require an e-permit to gain entry to the site. Please have your e-permit in place before booking a visit to the site. Visit our e-permit scheme page for more information. Permit details will be checked and visits will be deducted from the permit allowance
  • All rules relating to the e-permit scheme continue to apply, including the total allowance of 12 visits per year
  • Vehicles requiring permits will not be allowed to tow trailers due to limited space on site

Book a time slot


Telephone: 0345 045 5207