Booking system for Household Recycling Centres

Booking system remains in place

Booking requirements are still in place at Household Recycling Centres to reduce queues and waiting times and limit the number of people on site at the same time. Some Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed but social distancing is still encouraged.

We are reviewing measures regularly in light of the changing Covid-19 situation. Please check our website for current information before leaving home.

Please read the following information before booking to visit a site.

Who needs to book?

  • Vehicles and trailers requiring e-permits at any site
  • All vehicles at Alconbury, Bluntisham, Milton, St Neots or Thriplow sites

All vehicles

  • Do not attend if you should be self-isolating for Covid-19 or suspect you may have it
  • Do not bring waste that you suspect might be infected with Covid-19. Follow disposal advice and dispose through household residual refuse collections
  • Vehicles without bookings will be turned away from sites
  • Book the correct option for vehicles that do or do not require permits. Vehicles requiring permits booked as not requiring permits will be turned away due to the extra time required to unload
  • Bookings are limited to three per household within seven days to allow fair access for all. The booking system prevents additional bookings using the same address or vehicle.
  • Access is limited to Cambridgeshire residents, please bring proof of address
  • Please help us by avoiding unnecessary visits.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your booking time and join the queue. Your time is not guaranteed, but if you enter the site before it closes you will be allowed to unload
  • A maximum of two adults are allowed out of a vehicle, children must remain in the vehicle
  • Assistance will be given where necessary, but you will need to remove waste from your vehicle or trailer as instructed by site staff for disposal after your departure.
  • All conditions relating to site rules and policies continue to apply.
  • Bookings should be completed online where possible, but if you do not have computer access, telephone 0345 045 5207

Vehicles requiring e-permits only

  • Please have an e-permit in place before booking a visit. See our e-permit scheme page for more information. Please note that a new e-permit is required for bookings from 30 September 2021 onwards.
  • Permits will be checked and visits deducted
  • All rules relating to the e-permit scheme continue to apply, including the total allowance of 12 visits per year

Book a timeslot

Please note:

  • Booking slots are released 14 days in advance
  • You can now book up to one hour before attending site (subject to availability)
  • Select the date you wish to attend - only available booking times are shown

The Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When you create an e-permit or booking to attend a Household Recycling Centre you are required to provide personal details that are considered necessary for administering the scheme.

How this information is used and protected is outlined in our Household Recycling Centres privacy notice.

By completing the application process you are agreeing to the use of your personal data as outlined.

Cancelling and amending bookings

Select the link on your confirmation email to cancel your booking.

You can also change the vehicle registration number on your booking by following the link on your confirmation email.


Telephone: 0345 045 5207