Safeguarding children is a key element within the regulation of childcare. Registered early years and childcare providers must be familiar with and work to the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Department for Education's Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

What to do if you're worried a child is being abused 

The Basic Child Protection Guidance (pink book) has been archived and has been replaced with the Department for Education guidance - 'What to do if you're worried a child is being abused' (March 2015).

Disqualification by association

Early years and childcare providers have a responsibility to ensure staff are suitable to work with children, and are not disqualified. Under current legislation, an individual living in a household with someone who is disqualified from working with children may also be disqualified because of their association with them.

Disclosure - declaration form.pdf

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Disqualification_by_association - guidance.pdf

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Disqualification_by_association - letter_to_providers

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Domestic abuse

Early years and childcare settings may be contacted as part of the multi-agency response to incidents of domestic abuse/violence, where a child affected by an incident is known to attend a setting. This is known as a ‘domestic violence notification’ (or ‘DV notification’). The notification system and the setting’s role are explained in our guidance.

Safeguarding policy and support pack

The Statutory Framework requires providers to have specific policies and procedures in place in relation to safeguarding and child protection. The Early Years Service has produced a support pack containing guidance and model policies that providers can adapt and customise.

Safeguarding and child protection model policy

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Whistleblowing model policy

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E-safety policy

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Safeguarding guidance for intimate care

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Log of concern form

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Record of existing injuries template

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Safeguarding evaluation tool

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Childcare providers are required to have procedures in place to deal with any allegations of abuse against staff or volunteers working in the setting.

Safer working practice

The following document is an update to the one previously published by the Department for Education. It is not statutory, but should be used as best practice to support employers in giving clear messages regarding professional boundaries and staff conduct.


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Designated person for child protection

The Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements (2017) state that: "A practitioner must be designated to take lead responsibility for safeguarding children in every setting.  Childminders must take the lead responsibility themselves." The lead practitioner is often referred to as the 'designated person for child protection'. The designated person must attend training approved by the Local Safeguarding Children Board and the council. You can find out about this on our early years and childcare workforce development page.

Child welfare chronology template

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Child protection file front sheet template

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Designated person booklet

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