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Special Educational Needs Inclusion Funding (SENIF)

SENIF is now part of the Early Years SEND Offer within the Early Years’ Service. Following a recent review changes have been made to the criteria and process.

Early years providers who have children aged 3 and 4 who are on the Early Support Pathway/known to Sensory Support Service are eligible to apply for SENIF. The process has been simplified to make it more user friendly and to avoid duplication.

Downloads and further information

 For further information please contact the Early Years SEND Team [email protected]

SENIF guidance and FAQ

Size: 416.08 KB File format: pdf

SENIF Flow Chart

Size: 585.15 KB File format: pdf

SENIF Parental agreement

Size: 47.79 KB File format: pdf

SENIF Request Form October 2019

Size: 101.76 KB File format: docx

SENIF Review Form October 2019

Size: 98.63 KB File format: docx

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